Specific drone operations, such as BVLOS, automated, and autonomous flights, require a complex safety portfolio. U-Space managers and drone operators need to access comprehensive surveillance data in order to demonstrate strategic and tactical risk mitigation in the air and on the ground.

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With new technologies and regulatory frameworks available, the drone operations market is finally taking off, and BVLOS flights are increasing daily. It is the right moment to enable sustainable air mobility and benefit from innovation technologies to develop your region.

However, because of the risks related to the lack of infrostructure to provide reliable air traffic information at low altitude for  BVLOS operations, authorization processes, and regulatory compliance have always been complex. Notably, there are many areas where drone operators are still blind to air traffic, so anticipating and avoiding collisions with crewed aircraft is essential to ensure the safety of the flights.

Safety remains in all cases the critical element to opening the sky, and this is why U-Space managers need:

  • low altitude air traffic information
  • real-time air traffic visualization and integration with DAA systems
  • tracking and Remote identification

Thanks to INVOLI’s complete air traffic surveillance system, BVLOS and highly automated operations can be effectively operated in global integrated airspace, while keeping it safe and secure for all stakeholders. Discover how?


Comprehensive air traffic information to facilitate BVLOS authorizations.

Our system comprises ground-based air traffic receivers, Remote ID drone trackers, and an intuitive platform that is made to easily unlock the full potential of drone operations while enabling the required levels of safety and risk mitigation. 

It is a plug-and-play solution for the smart coverage of uncovered areas, where BVLOS and highly automated drone missions are performed.

Furthermore, it allows to provide quantitative and qualitative analytical data, proofs of situational awareness and control of regional airspace for authorities.
To anicipate and plan BVLOS missions and their safe integration in the city urban air mobility landscape, U-Space managers can request for simulation coverage, density maps and other analytics tools. It allows to plan and optimize future missions in various industries essential for the city: for example, medical drone delivery, inspection, monitoring or energy applications.

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FREE Network Coverage Simulation

Discover how INVOLI can address your Air Traffic Detection and Monitoring needs in uncontrolled airspace


Ground-based Receivers to monitor cooperative air traffic

INVOLI provides safety-critical low-altitude air traffic information through its ground-based Swiss-made receivers that detect, locate, and visualize all aircraft equipped with ADS-B, Mode S, Mode A/C, FLARMUAT,  and Remote ID signals. Our detection solution is completed by in-house developed multilateration algorithms, which enhance the quality and reliability of the data. 

The system is designed as an easily scalable and affordable way to provide air traffic information in all areas uncovered by existing secondary radars to manage complex BVLOS drone operations or UTM field test zones.


Broadcast and network Remote ID to detect drones.

INVOLI Remote ID solutions help drone operation managers make their drones compliant and their operations safe, by sharing the position of the drone in real-time on the flight interface, but also with authorities and other industry players. 

We offer Remote ID trackers compatible with both broadcast and network requirements for all drones and access to our all-in-one visualization platform or aggregated stream of data (via API).

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